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No set up fees – No monthly charges

We only charge a 2% booking fee to the users, companies only have to pay Stripe fees if they do paid events. It is completely free if you only host free events and want to track attendees.

Create & Schedule your events

Now all you have to do is create your events in the events tab, then schedule these events in the schedule tab, all found on the left panel.

If you wish to add memberships to these events, it’s in the membership tab



Download "Wunderbook" app

Simply tell your clients to download the Wunderbook app. 

Quick Start Guide



Book a call

Even if you have got all this way with no problems, we’d love to talk to you and see what Wunderbook can off with regard helping you grow. Whether it be some best practice, advice, or maybe organising a promo, a day with our content creator or a collaboration with other companies on the app. 

wIt doesn’t matter, we’d love to chat. Remember we only grow when you do, so let’s grow together.