We Believe in Community

We believe that when local businesses thrive, communities thrive too.

Communities are physical places with infrastructure, boundaries, and vital services.

But they are also made up of invisible webs of relationships, connections, and dependencies. And it is these intangibles that give us that shared sense of place. They spur us to deepen our roots, to make investments of time or money, to stay, to love that place.

A rich community doesn’t build itself — it takes collective effort, a diversity of interests, activities, ideas, that cross pollinate and build something bigger than their individual parts.

A single person, business, or organisation can’t do it alone. It takes a group.

In a time when so many communities are starting to look like one another, where national or international brands are dominating streetscapes, we believe it is essential that local businesses work together to ensure the unique character of our communities survive and thrive. What would our locales look and feel like without our local coffee shop, gym, bookshop, butcher, pubs, clubs, or markets? It is these in all their diversity that creates that rich idiosyncratic tapestry that gives a community its enduring and individual character.

That is why we set up Wunderbook — so local businesses, rooted in place, loved by their users, born of and in their communities, can work together to succeed and endure.

Our Mission

Is to become the leading market place for local classes and experiences, connecting locals with fun, interesting events they might never even know existed.

Inspiring experimentation, personal growth and fulfilment in one, ease to use app.

Let’s step out of this lock down mentality and start experiencing the world again.

Start with Wunder!!!

Why Choose Us

In short we’re a simple, fast, open source, mobile booking system. 

Our open source app allows start ups & small businesses to connect with a growing community of like minded people instantly.

We only grow when you do, so let's grow together

We have full time content creators, that specialise in showcase companies to the world in the best possible light and we offer these to our companies for Free. To showcase how much we care about all our companies growth. 

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