Maeve and Alex sit down to discuss our latest updates and main features, Caoilte claims he’s being held hostage (he’s not BTW) and Alex calls people who don’t have smartphones dinosaurs (feel free to troll him). Shoutout to all dog groomers… we are looking for you! 

Everything we do is to connect all our companies with new customers. We do that through an open-source platform, providing a marketplace of experiences and creating a network effect that benefits the companies and app users! 

If we haven’t told you already its free! We don’t charge any of the companies. We charge a 2% booking fee to the end user so we only make money when you do! 

We have over 8500 users and it’s growing daily.

We are the next generation booking system, our latest update allows companies to link their social media accounts and website to their profile. It allows consumers click into the company’s website, Instagram, YouTube and twitter quickly before they book in! 

Another feature discussed in the podcast is the ‘send membership’ feature. You can put up a question box on Instagram advertising a free trial if they provide their email address. You can then send them the bundle or membership through the back end and get them to try out your service. You can put up memberships and bundles with shorter expiry dates creating that scarcity effect and ensure consumers get in front of you sooner rather than later.

Creating subscriptions and memberships takes away all your booking and payments admin. No more wasting time chasing payments as our software will do it all for you! 

We want you to spend more time connecting with new customers and other businesses to be able to showcase to the world what you do best. We have set up gyms with physiotherapists, saunas with yoga classes and recovery centres with sports teams! Let’s all grow together. We do not sell you software and forget about you! We want to give you software and help you grow! 

What’s coming up? 

  • We have new updates and features coming down the line for website integration. 
  • We are looking to get qualified therapists to provide their services through the app and help promote the importance of looking after your mental health. 
  • Our ever Wunder series will begin with “Ever Wunder how to get more clients?”
  • Shoutout to any dog groomers out there! You can be the first of your kind on the app! Slide into our DMS please.
  • Guinness World Record Attempt