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Designed for start ups & SMB’s to help grow your community & keep cost down.

Wunderbook is a marketplace for classes and experiences. Our goal is to create an amazing community of services and deliver them to your local area. We use an open-source app and geolocations to do this.

We’ve designed the app to be simple and extremely user friendly, so we can focus on what matters most, connecting your company with more users.

We understand that start-ups and SMB’s can struggle financially and can find it hard to build their community. So, at Wunderbook we decided not to charge our companies, and simply charge the consumer a small 2% booking fee.

We believe this model is a game changer for the community. This also means we have a vested interest in every company we sign up. We only grow when you do, so let’s grow together

Start with Wunderbook!

Building Communities

Alex Dunlop

Ceo & Founder

Our vision is to become the leading market place for classes and experiences, building and connecting new communities you didn’t even know existed.

Hosting a FREE, open source platform for the likes of gyms, personal trainers, sports lessons, music lessons, grinds, mixology classes you name it. So, we can all grow from the Wunderbook community and not just our own individual communities.

“We want Mary to be able to book into a golf lesson, organise grinds for her son, followed by a date with her husband, at a local mixology class” all on one easy to use app.

Let’s step out of this lockdown mentality and start experiencing the World again!

Fast Bookings

3 clicks and you're done. Wunderbook has the fastest bookings on the market. Allowing users to book quick & easily.

Easy onboarding

Users can register in less than 1 minute and book free events straight away. No long forms and complicated onboarding.

Tiling your Future

Payments by stripe

Users can feel in safe hands, as all our payments are processed by the world leading payment processor Stripe.

Map integration

Users see companies closest to them first, helping them find things they like in their local area.


We designed the backend dashboard to be as simple as possible.

All you have to do is
- Create an event
- Schedule that event
and away you go, it really is that easy

Once you've created your schedule, you have the option to create memberships for these events. Allowing your company to grow with committed members.

There are also some amazing analytics for you to track your progress, on your Wunderbook journey.


Save valuable time, unlock new revenue and attract new customers 

Customer Experience

Enhanced customer engagement, Wunderbook enables you to enhance customer experience by keeping the app simple and clean, with no distractions.


Simple booking

Your members expect seamless digital experiences.

 Wunderbook allows for a frictionless booking and payment journey for your clients.


Save time, increase revenue

Our unique payments system doesn’t allow clients book unless they pay first.So you never have to chase a card payment again. Genuinely saving you time and money.



With our community app, you can take advantage of the Network Effect of other companies on the app.

Helping people in your local community find you, helping you grow.