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When everyone else is fighting over feature, we're working on connections, community & growth of our companies.
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"On average companies hit 100 users before month 3"

Imagine working with a company that has the same goal as you, getting you new customers through your doors. Working vigorously to fulfil this goal and keep your classes & events full.

No more going it alone, we know the struggles of going it alone in these types of industries, it’s not easy and can be a lonely place. Running two Dublin based gyms for over a decade, what I would have done for a bit of support. 

Partner with Wunderbook today and you'll never have to do it alone again. We will do everything in our power to support you and help you succeed and grow, with some tried and tested business strategies & tips. Along with many other things
Because we both get paid by the same person, us charging a small 2% booking fee on top. You getting the rest.

How will we help you grow?

Here to help you grow

Aligning our goals with our companies, allows us to focus on the same thing!


Connect with 20,000+ users instantly with our Geolocations feature. Collab with businesses in your local area and build a community and network of people who can all grow from having amazing experience, right at their figure tips.  

From gyms to saunas, pilates to yoga, therapist to dog groomers you name it we can host it.

Go back to the start and think about the reasons you started your business. The sleepless nights, that  burning curiosity… what if? 

Imagining the possibilities, the potential! That sense of Wunder that drove your obsession…

This is this same sense of curiosity and Wunder that drives our community on Wunderbook, the yearning to engage with something new, to find their next great passion. 

This is the very reason we created Wunderbook; to enrich the lives of our community by making it easy to discover new interests and skills.


Save 10 hours a week of boing admin. Wunderbook was designed a with a simple goal of eliminating time draining admin. We have a no pay, no book system, so no more chasing payments or card details. 

Simply post you schedule and away you go, set up in under 5 mins and with no contracts or financial commitments, it couldn’t be easier.

As Entrepreneurs, we are at our best when we are single-minded in achieving our vision. 

We built Wunderbook so that you can remain focused on the things that matter most to your success. Wunderbook brings you the fastest, easiest and most affordable bookings and payments experience on the market!

Eliminating time draining admin, helping you plan and connect with social media and marketing strategies. All so you can remain focused on delivering great quality services to your local area


Not only are you saving €1,000’s per year on booking fees. Our goal is to add as much value to all our companies because we only grow when they do. 

Teaching them core skill from social media content strategies to marketing basics and more. We work with you to grow.

We’ve helped a number of our companies over double their income in a matter of months. Not only have saved on expensive booking software fees (upwards of €4,000/year) but they’ve joining a community that cares. 

Why? because we’ve aligned our goals with yours and only get paid by the end user. So, just like you we care about the end users experience and only grow when you do. 

It is for this reason we care so passionately about each and everyone of our companies and their success. We also understand that Starbucks isn’t the best coffee but it is the small communty coffee place that we all love. Just like this we want to give you a chance to be the community that takes down the corporate. 

Your time is precious. Why not whats app our business team, for a quick easy response!!!


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"Some companies Experienced 3X growth in less that 6 months"


Most frequent questions and answers

We understand the struggles of running a small business and with the growing costs in todays climate we thought there was a better model than charging high fees for booking software and then being forgotten about.  

So, we decided not to charge the companies who are putting on these amazing services but to charge the user a small booking fee of 2% and work with companies to help them grow. The better you do, the better we do, so we have a vested interest in all our companies. Plus by simply deciding to join our amazing community,  you’re already saving money and connecting with more people. 

No, it is completely FREE to set up and we as a company don’t charge the companies that use us anything.

Saying that if you do paid events and memberships, Stripe have a small processing fee, but it will be the same as any merchant service and they do a phenomenal job of keep all our users payment Information safe. 

Absolutely not, if you can use google calendar, you can use our software. We’ve stripped out all complications associated with old bookings and payment systems and focused obsessively on fast, effortless, bookings & payments. 

Have a look at our “How it works” page or simply register and there is a full demo video there for you to follow. 

We did a promo video from scratch of setting up a new account and making a booking on the app and it took 1 minute 6 seconds.

All you have to do is Register – Create an Event – Schedule that Event and away you go. 

We want you to focus on what you do best and we will manage all your bookings and payments and do our best to connect you with more users.

Saying this if you ever want to book a call with us for any reason, we are always happy to help and point you in the right direction or simply give you some best practices or even maybe some fresh new promotion ideas. 

Book a Discovery call

No, again it is Free for users to create an account on the app and all they have to do is add a card to make bookings into their favourite events. 

The beauty of it all is that Stripe save their cards for future bookings, so once their card is uploaded, they can make as many bookings into as many different events as they like. 

We use geolocations to show users near you first, so no and any of your loyal customers can save you as their favourite! 

Before setting up Wunderbook we did a lot of research in this area and so did our competitors and if you follow any of them you will hear them talking about the customers being more fickle and wanting to try new things and not be locked down to one company or membership. Plus, with Revolut and more banking options it is so easy to renege on a payment. So, the more flexible you can be the better and more chance of growth.

This is why being part of an open source platform can benefit all, as you may loss some to other but also gain some from others. Yes, having your own white labelled app is cool but that is your own small community, with no connections to the greater community.  Plus, if you loss someone on a closed platform, it is much harder to get them back, where as with Wunderbook they are always seeing you and have you in there mind regularly, you have a much better chance of getting them back. 

A wise man once said to me “the cream will always rise to the top” so, back yourself and we’re here to help. 

Of course, you can set up an account without connecting to Stripe, Create an event and schedule it and book in via the app, all for FREE and see how quick and easy it is for yourself.

A pet peeve of ours is pushy sales people promising the world, for a small fortune and 12 month contract before they can open the magic door of their software, that’s going to give you unlimited access and unbelievable wealth. When in reality once they get the sale, they forget about you and move on. Then become impossible to contact.

We’re not promising we can increase your revenue and community but we are going to try and we have a lot of proven cases and happy companies to prove it. Are we perfect, no but we’re working on it and constantly talking to our clients and companies about ways we can improve and make things easier. 

Like with our latest update of social links on the company tile, this way users scrolling through he app can tap into a company and find out all about them, before making there booking. It’s just a cool way to help increase bookings and connections. 


Save valuable time, unlock new revenue and attract new customers 

Connecting Communities

Our open source app automatically connects new companies with our ever growing community of 20,000+ users. Not only that but we spend a lot of our time connecting companies with similar goals together for events.
E.g. Sauna – Gyms


Increase Revenue

The average booking system costs anything from €1000-5,000/year. Wunderbook doesn’t charge its companies anything. We charge a small 2% booking fee to the users, leaving all that extra money for our amazing companies. 


Save Time

Our unique payments system doesn’t allow clients book unless they pay first. So, you never have to chase a card payment again. Genuinely saving you time and money. Plus there is no onboarding for your clients, simply ask them to download the app and away they go.



Remember Wunderbook only grows when you grow. So, we put a lot of time and effort into helping our companies grow. With content creation, community events, best practices on schedules, memberships and more.


A rich community doesn’t build itself — it takes collective effort, a diversity of interests, activities, ideas, that cross pollinate and build something bigger than their individual parts.

here to help you grow

We will be in touch soon